HygieneTech offers a range of technology solutions to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. We are part of the Osborne Technologies Group, an established UK-based company with over 30 years experience in manufacturing and distributing technology solutions. Now more than ever it is important to ensure places we visit whether for work, leisure or care are clean and safe and we have brought together a unique selection of products to help you achieve just that. Please feel free to browse our website and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.

Protective face shield. CE marked in accordance with BS EN 166:2002. Manufactured in GB.

Door handle sanitisers

Door handles are known to be havens for countless types of harmful bacteria and are the most susceptible contact point for human-to-human transmission of all forms of germs. People can contract the common cold, flu or other diseases by inadvertently exposing themselves to unsanitized door handles

Our automatic door handle sanitisers ensure that germs and viruses are killed effectively, and when used in conjuction with normal cleaning ensure that these 'hotpots' don't pose any unneccesary risk to your staff or visitors.

Hand sanitisers

We all know that the most effective way to reduce the transmission of viruses and infectious diseases is to wash our hands and the easiest way to ensure people clean their hands is to make washing and sanitising stations as accessible as possible and can be easily added to most environments.

Our range of automatic sanitisation stations provide a quick and cost-effective way of encouraging regular hand washing.

UV sanitisers

Our range of direct UVC radiators disinfect air and surfaces, prevent secondary infections and eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungal/mold spores in the air.

All direct radiating fixtures have a standard double security with a moving sensor and an alarm LED and beeper. They can be used in leisure premises, hospitals, health care facilities, pharmacies, public transport and more.

Visitor & contractor compliance & screening

Our visitor & contractor management solutions can help your organisation ensure that visitors, contractors and even staff do not pose any risk to your organisation or each other by ensuring they comply with all of your health and safety requirements.

Ensure that people entering your site take all necessary precautions, including hand sanitisation and perform necessary screening by asking them to make declarations on their health, wellbeing and even recent travel destinations if required.

In the event of any future outbreak, our systems will ensure you have a full audit trail and will help you to demonstrate compliance.

Device sanitisers

Mobile devices an harbour germs and viruses, particular in environments where devices are shared such as hospitals, schools and workplaces.

Our ipad and tablet solutions not only provide convenient, secure storage and charging but also have built in UVC sanitisation lamps to ensure that germs and bacteria are killed quickly and effectively.

They can also be used as secure storage for mobile phones belonging to healthcare workers whilst at work providing not only secure storage, but charging and disinfecting devices at the same time.

Physical protection

When used in conjuction with sanitisation technologies, protective screens can provide effective additional protection helping to prevent the transmission of airborne diseases and viruses.

Our range of physical protective barriers includes perspex and glass (6mm toughened) screens which can be retrofitted to existing counters, reception desks and workspaces.

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